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Phase diagram BiMnO3

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    HELLO everyone..

    i have read some journals and some researchers (not all but most of them) said that bismuth manganate MUST be synthesized in high pressure conditions. in other words, not in room temperature/pressure. it that true? because some of researchers also synthesized that BiMnO3 in normal pressure (i just assumed it as normal pressure@not high pressure because they are not mentioned it in their journals) and use a solgel or solid state rxn method in their BiMnO3 researchs.

    which one is ok?
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    Please get into the habit of citing your sources when posting here, especially when you are using these external sources as the basis of your post and question.

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    ok.. i'm sorry pal
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    If you search on "Phase diagram BiMnO3" - you will find that high pressure will stabilize BiMnO3, but that the phase diagram is currently unknown.

    Thus your question appears to be an open research question.
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    Even if that compound wouldn't be the most stable modification at normal pressure does not exclude the possibility that it can be synthesized at normal pressure. E.g. diamond can be deposited by CVD alltough it is a high pressure modification.
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