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Phase difference calculations

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    hi, i understand how to use steam tables, but my problem is i cannot tell which phase the water is currently in.

    i do all the calculations, but how do i choose which phase?

    i ask because one of my questions asks for phase difference.

    many thanks
    jared james
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    The Critical Point on a T-V or P-V diagram will indicate which phase (Liquid, Vapor, or Liquid-Vapor) the substance is in.

    If you determine a specific property and it falls to the left of the critical point (saturated liquid line) then it is a compressed liquid. If it falls to the right of critical point (saturated vapor line) then it is superheated vapor. If it falls between the two (i.e. under the dome) it is a saturated Liquid-Vapor mixture.

    Hope that helps.

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    many thanks
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