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Phase question-mult. choice

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    The question doesn't look well written to me. It is a graph of energy and temperature, and there is no apparent statement that the energy is added continuously or sporadically at any particular rate, i.e what the time dependency may be.

    Either statement looks to me like it may be true depending on how the energy may have time-wise been added.
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    Ahh thank you...I'm not going crazy then! You have no idea how many erroneous questions I've come across (I'm at an online school--biggest mistake ever). I will report this as yet another error...thanks again.
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    Agree with LowlyPion. The optional answers speak of time (with words like 'continuous' and 'sporadic') yet the graphic has nothing to do with time. Also your comment makes it clear you know what's going on. Anyway, if I got this on a test I'd pick answer 'A' because it looks like the point the teacher is trying to make (albeit erroneously) was that there are situations wherein IFF the water absorbs energy continuously, it will not change temperature.
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    Ok, thanks, yeah that makes sense.
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