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Phase Shifter

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    Can anybody explain to me what and how a phase shifter can be implemented using BJT.or give me the site which can get more details about this.
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    sounds like something to post to the USENET newsgroup comp.dsp or to the music-dsp mailing list at http://ceait.calarts.edu/mailman/listinfo/music-dsp [Broken] or read some stuff at Harmony Central like http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Articles/Phase_Shifting/ .

    the use of BJTs is at so much lower level than what you need to be thinking about. you need to deal with the signal processing math first.
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    Well, in the analogue treatment, look up Bessel filters: they implement linear phase shift. As Bessel filters are pure-pole filters, they can easily be implemented with a few amplification stages (using your BJT if you like) and passive R and C components...

    See for instance: http://www.filter-solutions.com/bessel.html

    (there are probably better sites around for that, but it is a start).

    Now, maybe you do not want to have a linear phase shift, but something else. Then you'll have to be more specific...
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