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Phase tuner

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    If i have two sinusoidal ac signals of 220V with the different phase angle i.e. there is some phase difference between them. Then can i make the phase difference zero?? Please tell
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    Hello akash, :welcome:

    You should realize that 220 V can kill you !

    What do you have available to influence the phase ? -- if anything at all
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    Ya i know it's dangerous, but i have to do it , Basically i have two generators who generates 220V ,1A current, and i have to add up to make it 2A, 220 volt, but the problem is that both currents are having some phase difference and this phase difference may create problem, means it can reduce the amplitude. So please tell some possible solution for this..
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    Closed pending moderation
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    The generators need to be on the same shaft so they rotate together, fixed together so they rotate exactly together all the time.

    Otherwise, expect it to be far cheaper to buy a new 2A generator.
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    Thread will remain closed because of the danger involved when an inexperienced person tries to work with AC Mains voltages.
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