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A Phases Of Adjoint QCD_3 And Dualities

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    Here is an interesting paper where they uncover new dualities by studying adjoint QCD in 2 + 1 dimensions.


    Phases Of Adjoint QCD_3 And Dualities

    by Jaume Gomis, Zohar Komargodski, and Nathan Seiberg

    We study 2+1 dimensional gauge theories with a Chern-Simons term and a fermion in the adjoint representation. We apply general considerations of symmetries, anomalies, and renormalization group flows to determine the possible phases of the theory as a function of the gauge group, the Chern-Simons level
    k, and the fermion mass. We propose an inherently quantum mechanical phase of adjoint QCD with small enough k, where the infrared is described by a certain Topological Quantum Field Theory (TQFT). For a special choice of the mass, the theory has N = 1 supersymmetry. There this TQFT is accompanied by a
    massless Majorana fermion – a Goldstino signaling spontaneous supersymmetry breaking. Our analysis leads us to conjecture a number of new infrared fermion-fermion dualities involving SU, SO, and Sp
    gauge theories. It also leads us to suggest a phase diagram of SO/Sp gauge theories with a fermion in the traceless symmetric/antisymmetric tensor representation of the gauge group. As a by-product of our analysis, we conjecture the value of the time-reversal anomaly ν of U (n)_n,2n, SO(n)_n, and Sp(n)_n Chern-Simons theories.
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