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Phasor conversion help

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    I can convert sinusoids to phasors and vice versa if they are relatively simple, but I don't know how to deal with these two.


    I was going to distribute, and make two vectors and find the resultant vector, but I don't think thats how to go about it. also

    Thanks ver much for any hints or secrets.
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    Where's the second one?
    Just put the first factor into polar form and multiply, like so:
    (8-j3)*5*exp(-jx) = Sqrt(73)*exp(-j*0.3588)*5*exp(-jx) = 5*Sqrt(73)*exp(-j*(x+0.3588))
    which converts to 42.72*Cos(wt - x - 0.3588), assuming, of course, that the phasors are of the same frequency, w.
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