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Calculators Phasor in a ti cx cas

  1. Sep 30, 2012 #1
    Hi guys

    Can I calculate phasors in a ti cx cas as simple like in a ti 89.
    In a few days I will need to calculate them in a test, so I need to buy a ti nspire cx cas or ti 89. I think ti inspire cx cas can manage ecuaciones with complex like 89 does, but I cant find how to calculate phasor simple.

    sorry for the poor english.

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    Hi gonzalol, the TI-NSpire will handle complex numbers (like a+bi), so I am sure you will be able to calculate phasors.

    However, if you have never used a TI-NSpire and your test is in a few days, it might be difficult for you. The TI-NSpire has different controls and a different layout than the TI-89.
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