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Homework Help: Phasor representation

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    Draw the phasor representation for each of the following signals. Also write the signal as one sinusoid, v(t) = 20cos(200t+45°)+cos(200t)

    From this equation, do I have to turn to v(t) = A sin (ωt + φ) ? If yes, how can I convert it?

    Thank you.
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    I think its asking to first draw the phasors for each one of the cosine waves in v(t). Then add the cosine waves together and write the equation for v(t) as a single sinusoid in the form you listed: A sin (ωt + φ). When drawing the phasors you'll probably want to convert each part of the signal from the time-domain to frequency domain, A∠φ. Hope that helps.
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