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Phd Academic Guidance

  1. Nov 18, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently finishing my major in Physics and I'm contemplating to take a phd in theoretical physics. I don't really know how the process goes. I asked my supervisor (of my major thesis) and he suggested a bunch of professors and post-docs whose work might be of my interest. He also said that I should go talk to them and check their availability for being a supervisor of a phd and what projects they might have. I talked to one of them and he was very nice but he said that I should already know a project in which I wanted to work in. The thing is I don't know in which project I want to work(should a kid who just finnshed is major know?). I'm into general relativity from a more deep poit of view, like really know the details of the theory, alternative theories to the GR and that kind of things, presently my biggest question is to understand the equivalence principle because two apparent non related definitions for mass end up being the same...

    My question is then: is it possible to make a phd studying the equivalence principle or anyone has suggestions of work that should be interesting for a confused person like me?

    Thank you
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