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Programs PhD Admision guide

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    I need some help in taking admision in mathematics for phd in any one who can guide or interested to help me in this, regards

    need some special support.
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    I don't think we can help without more information. What universities are you thinking of applying to? And what do you mean by "special support"?
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    I am doing phd in pakistan and cleard my course work in my university, i am in CIIT Islamabad pakistan, my suprvisor is not supporting me in my research work,,, becouse of his health and some other issues,,, i want to have some supervisor in any university so that i left my education here and start again with some energetic atmosphere.

    i have cleared my course work with CGPA 3.9/4,
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    From your description, the one who can help you most is your supervisor. You may talk to your supervisor about the people working on the same field as yours. Writing a recommendation letter should be enough unless the health problem is very serious...

    Why don't you talk to other professors in your department?
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    I thought this was a guide to a Ph.D, I was wrong...
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    in my departments the problems are so many the politics and some other, my suppervisor is also advising me to go some where else is the best option i can provide the recomendation latter from my suppervisor......if needed.
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