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PhD admission without GRE?

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    Can any one tell me the names of US PhD Schools for admission in Physics with out GRE score?

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    After graduation, I worked a couple years before going back to grad school. I hadn't taken the GRE's, when I decided, on short notice, to go back to school. They took me in provisionally - I took classes, but I was not in a degree program. After a year, they just relabelled me as a PhD candidate. I never did take the GREs. I don't think it was a special property of the scool I attended (Catholic University), rather, I think many scools will make exceptions. I didn't even have particularly good undergrad grades, though I had done some good research after getting my BS.

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    Thanks Njorl

    Thanks Njorl for your quick response.I am a grad student in physics and planning to do PhD next fall.I am looking for some PhD schools in coming years.I don't have time to prepare GRE exam.Thats why I am looking such schools who will waive GRE requirements.
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    Re: Thanks Njorl

    You should have time at least to take the general GRE. That doesn't need a lot of prepartion, and having that is at least a lot better than having neither.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Since I went to the same school for college and grad school, they took me without even the General GRE. If you like your current school, you might want to look into that.
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