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PhD and machine learning

  1. Jun 25, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone. I was just reading stuff about carreers like "data analyst" or "machine learning jobs", and I found out, by reading various sites, that machine learning people (especially those with CS or stat background) is, and will be, a good opportunity of working, there'll be much jobs in that position but many times you need phd and master's degree is not enough....So, I wanted to ask (I'm still in bachelor, I have still a lot of time to think about that) it's a PHD in this kind of work very useful, over a Master's degree? Is it true that the majority of the jobs are for people with PHD?
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    Those I knew who are in that area - which is a small number - are split pretty evenly between PhD and Masters degrees. The majority of postings I've read for data scince positions accept either, but they often mention a PhD is preferred.

    So, I think this question has an answer now. I think a tougher question is, by the time you finished a Masters of PhD, what would the state be then?
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    Don t kmow..I think phd will always more requested, becaude that field will become more sophisticated, leading a person to reach higher levels of schooling..
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    I think a PHD will be required, because the math and stat used will be much more sophisticated, with the progress of technology...
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    Other suggestions??
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    Tech companies primarily care about what you can do, not about your degrees. If you have other ways to prove that you are able and willing build scary AI programs, a PhD is not needed to go into AI in industry.
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    In machine learning/data analytics, etc., a masters can do you well, provided that it is in data science or you have specialized in it. In this industry, what I've noticed (I'm not actually in this industry myself, but have worked with scientists in the industry), a PhD really does help for getting a job, respect, etc., I would highly recommend it,
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