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PhD astronomy in Australia

  1. Jun 20, 2013 #1

    I am a Physics masters student from India in a college in Texas.

    I want to pursue a PhD in Astronomy (observational/radio) Australia.

    I have heard Australia is very good at obs astronomy - however google searches are revealing a lot about the telescopes and other facilities there but not much about the names of the Universities that offer a doctorate in Radio astronomy.

    To that end I want to approach the forum members for some help - does anyone of you know which are the universities in Australia to which we can apply for a doctorate in Astronomy.

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    There is no doctorate in radio astronomy. You're just looking for PhD programs in astronomy at a school where a few people do radio research. While there are a few radio observatories in Australia, not all of them are owned by Australian universities. You'll find radio arrays in other countries as well, many of which are owned by US universities.
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    If I recall correctly, the Australian National University has a good Astronomy program (PhD).

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    @ Eri - it does not have to be radio astronomy - as long as it some kind of observational astronomy

    @chiro - I emails the astronomers there - any other names you may want to share are also welcome.
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    any new inputs or views?
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    i guess australia only has curtin, james cook, western australia and swinburne !!!
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