PHD Books Dump

Hi, finally decided to offload my old course books, i'm sure they'll be more use to some of you younger members.

An Introduction to Quantum Physics - French & Taylor - Item number: 8320711244
Statistical Physics, F. Mandl - Second Edition - Item number: 6969589014
Vibrations and Waves by A.P.French - Item number: 6969589504
Introduction to Electrical Circuit Theory, G. Williams - Item number: 6969590767
First Steps in Numerical Analysis, Hosking/Turner/Joyce - Item number: 6969592174
Mathematical Methods in Physical Sciences, ML Boas - Item number: 6969593106
LASERS, P. W. Milonni & J. H. Eberly - Item number: 6969594122
Introduction to Elementary Particles - D. Griffiths - Item number: 8320712741

They're going for cheap on the UK ebay site, search for the item number. I'm not sending worldwide, just in the UK.

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