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Programs PhD, If I Already have A MS

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    Right, here's a question.

    The very short, possibly oversimplified version, is that I went to school to get a Masters in Physics then changed my mind- I want a PhD in Physics. The catch is that my school doesn't have enough professors of my particular specialty, Astrophysics, to give Physics PhD's that are worth the paper they are written on.

    So I guess the first question is, what are the requirements for a PhD like when you already have a Masters in Physics?
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    You can apply to PhD programs with a masters. You'll probably have to retake some of the coursework, and pass a qualifying exam at most schools, before really starting to work on the PhD, but it won't take you as long to complete a PhD as it would to start over.
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    Depends on your country/institute
    Could vary from: doesn't help at all to allow you to skip a year of coursework.

    Sounds like you want to go to a different institution?
    Get a transcript of your MS contents/marks and ask the other school if they accept it.
    ps try and talk to somebody who actually knows - like the dept secretary not the prof.
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