PhD in Aerospace Engineering

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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster here.

I am currently working towards an MASc in Aerospace Engineering specializing in CFD of reacting flows (like in propulsion systems) at the University of Toronto in Canada.

I am considering applying for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering in the same topic but I want to do it elsewhere (nothing wrong with staying at the University of Toronto fyi, I just want the opportunity/excuse to travel).

I have been thinking about Stanford in the states and I was wondering if any of you had any advice regarding applying to Stanford or any general tips for applying for PhD programs in the states. What kinds of things can I do to make my application look better? Would it be worthwhile to do the GRE Physics test even if I intend to apply to the Engineering faculty?

Are there any other good schools around the world that are good for CFD research as applied to propulsion systems?

Thanks in advance!
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Most schools in the US require you take the GREs but the Physics GRE is not worth it if you are applying for engineering. I can't speak for all departments but I know that my department does not care about your GREs but they are still required by the graduate school.

I don't know much about Stanford but I do know you should not just apply there because you probably won't get in. Nothing against you its just a hard school to get into even for the best.

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