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PhD in Belgium or Neatherlands

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    I'm Masters student from Baltic states. I'm currently 23 years old. Studied 2 years of Chinese language and culture, minored also in finno-ugric languages. Then did my Bsc in physics in 2 years and now my fist year of Masters studies are over. My academic life has been quite succesful one, this years I also attended my first international conference, gave a talk and received very positive feedback, also I'm soon going to submit my second ISI-based article. I'm thinking to continue my studies, i.e. do my PhD in Neatherlands or Brussels, since I'm currently working in the field of stochastic processes and from the looks of it these places have historic background to be very great places where to work these fields and I'd love to study in a very liberal society as well. But since I had to rush very quickly to finish my BSc with 2 years and I also took on minor in mathematics I didn't receive Cum Laude, but my average grade is still quite high. Also this last semester in masters didn't went perfectly I received one B, because I took one PhD course from another university witch locates 250 km from where I live, so it was very expensive to drive there and I missed quite many lectures and once I missed one term test. And also I received one F from a subject I didn't have time to attend, it was actually volunary subject, which I took on because I was so interested in it but because of some personal problems - I had to move 3 times in that semester and had a family crisis, so I didn't have time to attend it. I'm worried I wouldn'tbe succesful applying to US with this kind of background.

    I think my weakness in academic pursuit at the moment is my academically turbulent backround, which my impy that I'm not stable in my studies.

    I'd like to move on to study complex dynamical systems, chaos theory, fractals etc. Also I'd like to make use of my background in stochastic processes.

    Actually I have also one recommendation from a reliable source for a supervisor that would be very good and trustable and probably would be interested to take me on, but his field is little out of my interest. I guess if I soaked into it, it can be very intersting, but I'm little unsure about this choice.

    Any recommendations for now. Does anybody know the situation in Belgium and Neatherlands now, pros and cons.

    Any comment and recommendations is welcome.

    You can also email me on eigenraum@gmail.com.
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