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PhD in bioengeenering?

  1. Jan 19, 2016 #1
    Hi, i graduated last year from interdisciplinary program in science with focus on biology and i have been struggling to find a job and what to do next. A freind of mine suggested doing a phd in bioengineering and told me graduates from this program were finding jobs easy either in industry or academia ( which ive always wanted to do). However, scouring the forums and searching about this proffession, i have seen alot of negative things, though there are more directed towards the bachelor degree in this field. Also, their are very little number of applicants for the program, and requesits are very low since they are not asking for gre or any other test for that matter, which to me is a red flag. Honestly, at this point im so frustrated i would take anything that comes by, but i do not want to invest more time to be at the same place I am now. So any advice for me? Thanks for reading.
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    Bioengineering is a pretty new field, and is changing rapidly. I would tend to discount negative things said about BioE or BioMed programs at this point, because the situation has often changed [I've said some negative things about BioE programs myself, but I have changed my mind].

    Now, about the particular program you are considering. The most important thing for you to find out is: how well are graduates of this program received? If the program has a good track record, then it doesn't really matter whether they ask for a GRE score.
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