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PhD in Nursing?

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    So is this person a Doctor then? Is she higher than a doctor? when shes working will she present herself as Doctor. Does this person have more knowledge than a doctor whats the deal?
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    A PhD in nursing doesn't make you a practicing medical doctor per se. It makes you a doctor of nursing. A doctoral in nursing would specialize in administration, research, statistics, and patient care as it applies to the nursing field at a higher level. You wouldn't want a practicing medical doctor doing this. But it would be confusing when someone is refering to your nurse as "doctor".
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    Often when someone gets a doctorate in nursing, they are planning to work in academia and teach, not remain in the clinic with patients. In a clinical setting, there's no reason for them to use their title when being introduced to a patient, especially if it will cause confusion.

    Technically, any Ph.D. degree is a higher degree than an M.D., but of course, that's irrelevant in a patient care setting where specialization of training and knowledge is more important than how much education you've received. Afterall, someone with a Ph.D. in physics isn't going to be able to walk into a hospital and offer medical care either.
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    George Jones

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    I don't particularly like threads like this. "who is better than whom?" "Which occupation is better than which occupation?" Etc.
    Which doctor? Are you saying that all Ph.D nurses are female, or that all medical doctors are female?

    How tall is the nurse? How tall is the medical doctor?
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    from my own experiance i can say that 80% of the people working in the medical field (doctors nurses, ect) are female.
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