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Programs Phd in Physics

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    I have a very basic question !
    I want to go for advanced study in physics. I want to do research in basic physics (like, quantum mechanics or particle physics ).

    Is it possible to go for a Phd in physics with a bachelor's degree in an engeneering subject (like electronics or computer science ) .
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    electronics or computer science? if u had done advanced level math, there are some places where you can go for an msc in physics, leading to a phd.
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    Can u plz explain in detail ?
    advanced level math and the places where it is possible ?
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    you should have a solid background that covered topics like vectors and matrices, groups, analysis (rigorous investigation of calculus), vector calculus, differential equations, probability, metrics and topological spaces, linear algebra, rings & modules, complex & real analysis, numerical analysis, pdes, this is not an exhaustive list though.

    if you have this kind of solid math background, many unis in uk can offer u a place of study for MSc Physics.
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