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Programs Phd in the USA?

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    Do all Phd students in the USA get paid to cover for living expenses?

    What are the latest dates for applications for Phd in the US each year?
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    All of my friends, here and at other universities and I get tuition waved and stipend.
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    Yes, they do cover tuition and give you a stipend - if they don't give you this offer, look elsewhere. Most applications were due in January when I applied a few years ago; some of the lower-ranked state universities (who still have good programs in some fields) will consider applications through April - but I don't know of any that are still accepting applications for this fall. If you apply now, you might have a shot at starting in January.
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    What are entry times for a Phd (i.e In which months of the year are entries possible)?

    Can anyone provide a list of universities second in line (in the field of maths) to top ones like Princeton, Havard, MIT etc?

    Is it harder to get scholarships into private or Public unis?

    When you talk about financial assistance, do you mean in the form of teaching like here http://www.math.indiana.edu/programs/graduate/financial.phtml [Broken]
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