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    I am a new member of forum. Firstly, i want to say thank you everyone who contributed on the forum. i want to do my phd on physics on america or canada. i don t have an TOFEL scores for now,but i belive,i will have a score soon. Can i find a scholarship on there before long.Which schools do you recommed for me on there (or another country).

    Thanks a lot
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    It's very common to get funded (tuition waiver and stipend) for a PhD in the US - so common that I'd say don't accept an offer that doesn't include it. We've got more than 100 schools offering a PhD in physics - we need more information to help you choose one to apply to, like what are your grades, how much research experience do you have, and what field are you interested in.
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    thank u eri

    my research area is experimantel nuclear physics. i did my master thesis about gamma rays and have a few Scientific activities about my area. However i can work another research areas
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    Hello guys! Pls is it possible for one to go for PhD in solar energy after MSc in nuclear and radiation physics? Thanks.
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    Hi Erenphysics. If you're interested in experimental nuclear physics, I'm guessing the way to go is to find a school with a research group that's involved in RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider). RHIC is based at Brookhaven National Lab in New York, and is currently doing research on the quark-gluon plasma and other related stuff. No matter where you go, you'll likely take classes for two or three years, and then get sent out to RHIC. There's a nuclear group at my department, and all of the experimental students get sent there during the summers, and sometimes during the school year too. Therefore it makes sense to just go ahead and apply to places that are geographically close. Stony Brook might be a good place to apply.

    Innocentaj, I do't know anything about solar energy. Sorry I can't help.
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    Thanks for your useful informations
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