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Programs PhD quals coming up

  1. May 21, 2005 #1
    Anyone else got these coming up?

    A whole sh*tload of work needed to prepare for them. I sooo don't feel ready.
    Anyway, I have mine on Thursday and Friday.

    Anyone else?
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  3. May 21, 2005 #2
    I have them too. Analysis on June 1 and Topology on June 3...you?
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    them's were the days (mine was EE, not physics). i don't envy you.
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    I do envy you. I never finished high school, and I would kill to be in your position. Regardless, I wish you the best in your assault upon the citadels of education. In return, I ask only that you might occassionaly help me out when I need advice.
  6. May 22, 2005 #5
    Quals are this coming thursday and friday.
    1) Classical Mechanics
    2) Quantum Mech.
    3) Electromagnetism
    4) Math Phys/Statistical mech/general.

    Thanks for the best wishes on my assault in the citadel of education Danger!
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    I know that you'll do me proud, lad. :approve:
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    just a modest suggestion. if you feel not fully ready, i suggest targeting one, possibly two, important topics you feel unprepared on, and focusing on that. choose something that always has a question devoted to it. i suspect there is not enough time left to do more than that. a good PhD question cannot be answered unless you understand it well. so it is probably a waste of time to peruse many topics shallowly.
  9. May 25, 2005 #8
    I just took the written part of mine today (for EE).
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