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PhD: When to start job hunt

  1. Nov 27, 2013 #1
    Hi All,

    I was wondering when those of you out there in industry felt was a good time to start a job hunt after ones PhD. I myself started about 10 months early and found that the vast majority of jobs would tell me that they were looking for someone to start in January or "as soon as possible". Yet there is no way I want to leave myself only a few months to hunt. Any advice? I don't want to accept a less than ideal job earlier and find out there were a ton of jobs only a few months later but I also don't want to leave it too late.
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    I'm curious about this for postdoc, too. I always assumed it was a year early (like grad school).

    I'd assume in industry it can vary greatly depending on each company's long-term goals and short-term surprises.
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    I have heard of phd advisors taking his/her students on as postdocs after the phd until they find a job. You also have the option of not handing in your thesis for your degree until you find a job if your advisor is willing to fund you during this time.
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