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Phenol to benzene

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    How does zinc convert phenol to benzene? Its a metal and why metals react with alcohols they displace the hydrogen right? However zinc converts phenol to benzene. Why is it so? Will all divalent metals convert it to benzene?
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    IIRC, you'd need 'activated zinc', that is with a pinch of copper as catalyst, and you are *reducing* the hydroxyl group.

    Lithium aluminium hydride should also work, but possibly too enthusiastically. ( It's a long, long time since I blew up that fume-cupboard but, by then, I was really good with a CO2 fire extinguisher ;- )

    Either brew would need ample reflux cooling and due care for phenol's toxicity.

    D'uh, and an ultrasonic bath to hasten the two-phase reaction ??
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