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Pheromones and humans

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    do humans produce pheromones
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    Yes, of course. Humans are mammals. Women sync their menstrual cycle through hormones (usually, syncing to the "alpha" or extrovert female) and males mess up the cycle with their pheromones.

    The controversy with humans and pheromones is whether or not somebody can synthesize a cologne product that makes you more attractive. Entrepreneur scientists will publish B.S. articles just before releasing a product... then reference their own article when trying to sell the product.
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    It's kind of a yes/no/maybe/depends on what you mean type of issue.

    It's now thought that humans may produce pheromones but can't smell them.

    Here are articles for and against human pheromones.


    A list of studies.

    http://www.macalester.edu/psychology/whathap/UBNRP/pheromone10/human pheromones.html

    http://jrsm.rsmjournals.com/content/100/6/268.full [Broken]
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