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Phi Kappa Phi

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    So I have been invited to join Phi Kappa Phi. I'm short on funds, but that isn't the primary reason why I'm considering not joining. The people part of the honors society tell me that it's worthwhile, which comes to no surprise by me, and poking around the internet makes me think that it might be worthwhile. But I'm curious... has anyone on here ever heard of this organization? Do you think it's worthwhile to join?

    I do intend on going to graduate school, and they say they offer fellowships... I just like to cover my bases before I make decisions, and thought it couldn't hurt to see what people on the wonderful world of the internet might think.
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    What is Phi Kappa Phi ???
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    The link that cristo posted pretty much covers it, but seemed to focus on PBK more, so...

    At their pow-wow, they told me it was an interdisciplinary honors society for people who're supposedly really smart, and they spouted off some famous names that have joined. Maybe it'll look good on a resume, maybe it won't -- I'm not really sure. They mentioned scholarships and fellowships, though, which is primarily what perked my interest.

    Thanks for that link, cristo! That helped a lot.
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