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Philocrat's theory of time

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    THE STANDARD UNIVERSAL NOW (SUN): A Philosophical Analysis of Time (PART I)

    I have always suspected that the scepticism about the reality of time and its perceived dimensions (past, present and future) has something to do with the way we are physically designed and configured. This problem, like all other gaps in the human knowledge, may remain irresolvable for a very long time to come, unless perhaps the human reality is subsequently reviewed and re-engineered. Now, the problem has regressed further to a sceptical height where it becomes possible to begin to deny one of the dimensions of time - the present. The suggestion that there may not be any such thing as the present, therefore we are always either in the past or in the future, seems to me to be very radical requiring an equally radical philosophical review. My argument is that if there is no present, along with the uncertainty as to whether we are in the past or future, then we need to look at some mathematical formulation involving the notion ‘OMNIPRESENCY’ already been imagined in scriptures and in science fiction novels and movies. The beauty of it is that we have already imagined it in one form or the other. Here I am going to investigate and state the quantitative and logical implications of the concept of omnipresency. The derivation of this investigation is a ‘superstructure’ that I call the ‘STANDARD UNIVERSAL NOW’ (SUN), otherwise relabelled ‘THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SUN’, and which I will link to the notions of a ‘SUPER BEING’ and a ‘SUPER OBSERVER’. It is a formulation that assumes Progressive existence. My arguments therefore will end by claiming that (1) the SUN is the ‘true’ present that is at least in principle possible, if not in actuality, and (2) this conceptual possibility, or possibility in principle, does not rule out actuality or physical realisation. The physical realisation or actuality of this conceptual possibility remains potentially active.

    OMNIPRESENCY: Physical or Devine?

    When it comes to the notion of ‘OMNIPRESENCY’, there are two fundamental types: (1) ‘MECHANICAL (PHYSICAL) OMNIPRESENCY’ and (2) ‘DIVINE OMNIPRESENCY’. Both are equally problematic. Einstein’s universal constant in his theory of relativity has imposed a physical limitation upon the possibility of (1). So, in physics, physicists would just straightforwardly deny it. With regards to (2), many philosophers don’t even believe in the existence of God or Divine Agency, let alone its possibility. This denial has its origin in the so-called ‘ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT’ (http://www.iep.utm.edu/o/ont-arg.htm) (http://www.faithnet.org.uk/A2 Subjects/Philosophyofreligion/ontologicalargument.htm) (http://www.philosophyofreligion.info/ontological.html [Broken]) for the existence of God. As far as they are concerned there is no such thing as a divine omnipresency. Another problem is the vagueness of the term itself. It is not clear whether by the term we mean:

    a) One thing being in every place at the same time
    b) Or many of the same thing being everywhere at the same time.

    In this piece I am going to assume (a), that is, one thing being everywhere at the same time. However, since physics has denied (1) and philosophy analytically disposed of (2), I am going to systematically ignore (1) and (2) and just take (a) as a purely imaginary but quantitative and logical exercise. But immediately after making this decision, another serious question arises: do I have to assign a specific ‘PURPOSE’ to anything wanting to be everywhere? Why would anything want to reference every position in space at the same time or at time t = 0? Why be everywhere at the same time? In other to make sense of this imaginary quantitative and logical exercise, I decided to assign a purpose to an imaginary being that is separately spaced and timed but who is nevertheless able to perform our phantom feat of being omnipresent. Let’s call this being ‘THE FINAL BEING’ or ‘TIMELESS TRAVELLER’. This being was once a structurally and functionally defective being that has progressed to a final perfect state of being through constant self-revaluation and structural self-reengineering. But this final being needs a witness in form of an observer. Let us call this witness ‘THE FINAL OBSERVER’. This final onlooker is by its whole nature structurally and functionally identical to the Final being. He/she too has progressed through time to state of Visual Perfection. What he/she sees stays seen. The stability in his/her visual faculty is unshakeable by any device of doubt. So, quantitatively and logically, the Final Being stands relative to the Final Observer.


    The notion of omnipresency is such that both the final being and the final observer must progress to a point where time will be perceived as nothing more than a supercritical ‘NOW’ and space as a supercritical ‘HERE’. This, by implications, means that ‘Here’ is neither there nor everywhere, but a permanent and non-reversible ‘Here’, which holds and conserves the final good. The same is true of ‘Now’ for it is neither then nor ordinary occasions, nor past nor future, but a permanent and non-reversible ‘Now,’ which participates in the measure, maintenance of final things in the supercritical Here. Both when combined disposes of the Einstein’s defective SPACETIME and forms a new superstructure called ‘HERENOW’. I was also considering the possibility of reversing the two words and renaming it ‘NOWHERE’, but I quickly spotted the perceptual danger of being erroneously perceived and construed by the future observers and innocent bystanders or spectators as ‘NO WHERE’. It would have been an absolute psychological disaster to perceive an ideal superstructural NOW and HERE as a supercritical NO-WHERE or NOTHINGNESS.

    Although physical space distances and time differences may still be physically installed between things, such as a thousand miles between separately spaced events still remaining a thousand miles or the physical time duration between them still remaining at, say, six hours, but new abilities in visually led super-structured things will cause them to act and perceive timelessly and spacelessly on their causal pathways, given that the principle of the ‘SUN’ is causally and relationally viable in the first place.

    In terms of purpose, the final aim of all causal possibilities on the universal causal pathways is to create and maintain a ‘Standard Universal NOW (SUN)’ in the visual faculty of the observer. It is the final frontier in the human perception and understanding of Reality. That is, the ability of a self-proclaimed entity to be everywhere at time t = 0. To freeze diverse senses of time into a CRITICAL, NON-REVERSIBLE NOW in the ever curious eye of the ‘FINAL’ onlooker or observer, will be the highest point in the human visualisation and understanding of reality.

    The mathematical equations for achieving omnipresency may be stated as follows (and this is also the mathematics for disposing of time in spatio-temporal relations):

    [tex]\alpha = \frac{\sum y}{z^y}[/tex]

    Where [tex]\alpha [/tex]= infinity or zero time travelled;
    Where [tex]\sum y [/tex] = the sum of distances between events referenced at once, and;
    Where [tex]z^y[/tex] = the speed of light times a scalar squared. A scalar is a special number that when applied to the speed of light and square, helps shrink both the distance and time travelled to zero in the observer’s or final man’s imagination or visual frame of reference, in a full compliance with the principle of the SUN above.

    It must be appreciated that a scalar is not some number that would be cooked up by some mad mathematician or conjured into existence by some unknown divine agency. I do not know what this scalar or special number is going to be in future, whether it will be expressed as a variant of energy required by the final traveller in response to the fluctuating Sg, but in the ‘Book of Nature’, a scalar would be a number of unique value with proscribed physical consequences: it must be a number quantitatively derived, perhaps, from a structural and physical re-design of reality. All structurally and functionally improved or re-designed parts of a whole must effectively subscribe to this number, since it is logically and quantitatively consistent that the final traveller is able to physically adjust its speed according to the fluctuating distance, but for the purpose of this equation I have decided to use an imaginary number.

    The problem with using a scalar in this equation is that it can never lead to an absolute zero in the anticipated value of [tex]\alpha [/tex], rather it always leads to an approximate fractional zero value. To help push the fractional zero value as close to an absolute zero as possible, I have decided to use the value of [tex]\sum y [/tex] as my own scalar. It must be realised that the application of a scalar to this equation in this manner is an imaginary violation of Einstein’s universal constant, the speed of light, which is currently claimed to be the fastest material substance known to man. So physics says, but I am personally sceptical about this.This is very necessary in the equation to demonstrate and display for the whole world to see what is expected of the final being of any kind, if he/she/it is to stay indefinitely OMNIPRESENT in the final observer’s visual frame of reference.

    Continue in part II on the next link.......
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    THE STANDARD UNIVERSAL NOW (SUN): A Philosophical Analysis of Time(PART II)

    To simplify the above equation so as to take account of the scalar mentioned above, it may re-expressed as follows:

    [tex]\alpha = \frac{\sum y}{z^y}[/tex]

    Where [tex]\sum y = (d1+d2+d3+...dn)[/tex] = Distance d1 right through to
    distance dn
    Where [tex]z^y = (\mu \times \sum y)[/tex] = Universal constant [tex]\mu[/tex] (speed of light) times the sum of distance [tex]\sum y[/tex], the scalar

    Why a being of any kind would like to do many things, let alone everything, in no time, is still scientifically unclear. However, should there in the end still be a strong cosmic desire for this possibility, then for it to reference all these things under its care at their different space and time locations, there must be some form of MOTION, however the means. The final superstructured being, in its unique form, size, time and place, can only reference different points in space-time if it moves itself through a well-defined and quantifiable geometrical path.

    It is by implication also an action fulfilable by satisfying not only a clearly self-evident geometrical condition of motion, but also the inevitable visual condition of omnipresency within the final observer’s visual frame of reference. If this final superstructured being is divine, there is inevitably an extra demand: the duty requires that when this final superstructured being reaches bad events by motion prevents them from happening, if they had already happened reverses them, and if they are good events acknowledges, permits and conserves them.

    Or we may even argue that, since it is the final divine being’s ambition to still govern the final moments of existence, it is immaterial what relationship it may still desire to keep with the final those under its care, provided it can satisfy one most important person, the FINAL OBSERVER. The eye of this important final individual is so sharp and critical that, during the convergence era, it may no longer be able to admit circularities, randomness, ephemerality, magic, miracles fantasies, or even sentiments, rather his eye would admit only that with unqualified degree of permanency, stability, irreversibility and indestructibility.

    The Final Being is the ‘Timeless Traveller’. Regardless of the space distances between events, a timeless traveller all ways does everything at time [tex]t = 0[/tex] . The Timeless Traveller always stands relative to the ‘Final Observer’. The critical eye of the final observer must at all angles of visualisation, and for always, see no less in the thoughts and deeds of the final being than that which may be construed as truly omnipresent. In his eye the final being must finally and permanently travel at time [tex]t = 0[/tex] while in action. This clearly means that if, for example, there is an earthquake engulfing a village at position A, hurricane flattening a city at position B, flood ruining a farm at position C, a bank robbery at position D, a motor accident at position E and a war at position F, not only must the final being (if divine) contemporaneously reference these events and prevent them from happening, but also must actually do so in no time in the glaring eye of the final observer.

    Applying the above equation to this example, if the final traveller, be it divine or material, is timed and spaced at location Z, then the Sum of all the Distances between the six events (Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood, Bank robbery, Motor accident and War) may be estimated as follows:

    [tex] \sum y = (d0 = Z \Longrightarrow A; d1= A \Longrightarrow B; d2 = B \Longrightarrow C; d3 = C \Longrightarrow D; d4 = D \Longrightarrow E; d5 = E \Longrightarrow F; d6 = F \Longrightarrow Z)[/tex]

    [tex]\sum y = (d0+d1+d2+d3+d4+d5+d6)[/tex]

    It must be noticed that in the above estimation the final (divine) traveller only travels once. I honestly could not imagine why the final traveller from its own space and time location may desire to travel and reference each event at a time. The mathematics of economy must apply. At this very instance, it effectively and economically makes only one journey, otherwise it would had to had to wastefully or exhaustively travel twice or make a double journey if it decided to visit each event at time. Based on the amount of energy and time available, it may have had to waste a great deal of energy and time to do so.

    If for example, the summed up [tex]\sum y = 149,600,000 km[/tex], then we may do the actual calculations as follows:

    [tex]\alpha = \frac{\sum y}{z^y}[/tex]

    [tex]z^y = (\mu \times \sum y)^2[/tex]
    [tex]\sum y = 149,600,000 km[/tex]
    [tex]\mu = 300,000 [/tex]

    [tex]\alpha = \frac{149,600,000 }{(300,000 \times 149,600,000)^2}[/tex]

    [tex] = 0.00000000[/tex]

    This result as we have already predicted above is not an absolute zero. It has a fractional part which extends into infinity. But it does demonstrate that the final traveller had by approximation referenced all the six events and back at time t = 0. I have used a scalar ([tex]\sum y [/tex]) which guarantees the shrinking of the travelling time to zero. When the actual scalar is found in future by the structural engineers, this imaginary scalar ([tex]\sum y [/tex]) that I have used above must be replaced by the new one in the sum of [tex]z^y [/tex]. But whatever number replaces it, as I have already made it clear above, must be not only a definite number of some physical origin, but must also be a number that when applied to the speed of light guarantees the shrinking of the travelled time to zero.

    Finally, one other issue that the future investigators of superstructural phenomenon will have to resolve is the premonitional ability of the final superstructured man with regards to the above equation. As you can see in the above example, we do not know how he managed to know that all these six events were going to happen or when they were going to happen. My prediction is that the only way the above equation is going to come alive is when the final traveller’s Premonitional ability is linked to his physical ability linked to time and linked to the scalar in it. Then not only will the scalar have a definite physical origin and makes sense, so will the whole equation make a great deal of sense and manifest into a physical reality.

    However, if the final traveller is visually loaded with a premonitional ability as well as being physically equipped with a special ability to reverse events in space-time after they have occurred, then the occurrence times of events are irrelevant in the above equation. All that is necessary in the above equation is his overall visual ability to predict events and the physical ability to reference and resolve events at time [tex]t = 0[/tex] and nothing else.

    NOTE: If the Principle or the Psychology of the sun is possible, then the following observations are my conclusions:

    1) There is no REAL structural relation between space and time. If they both exist, then one is structurally without the other.
    2) Time is an illusion, at least from the human point of view. It is forced upon the both the ACTOR and the OBSERVER by action. A world without physical action keeps space and time permanently devoid of one another.
    3) An actor and an observer who can act and see omnipresently are said to be both physically and psychologically devoid of time.

    I know that these are startling conclusions that would not go down well with the faint hearted.
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