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Philosophy Logic Assignment

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    I was hesitant to post this thread in this specific forum. Although i do not think it would be appropriate in the more physics-centered Homework Help forum.

    I am creating an outline (as well as a précis) for a short 10 minute presentation i have to have finished in a couple of days. The topic is Aristotle's Logic -- although it is a shortened version due to the time limit.

    So far i have an introduction to what logic is and why it is important, Primary Rule of logic (law of non-contradiction), and descriptions/examples of Immediate Inference and Syllogistic Reasoning.

    My question is: What other important aspects of Aristotle's Logic should i include in this presentation?

    And while on the topic, would anyone have an understanding of what this equation means. It should be on the topic of logical assertion.

    [tex]\vdash \left( (\vdash p)\rightarrow(p \pmod 2 \equiv 0) \right)[/tex]

    Thank you as always.
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    ... means :
    [tex] \vdash \left( (\vdash p)\rightarrow 1-no \rightarrow yes [/tex]
    Therefore, left side = yes.
    Now the right side, [tex](p \pmod 2 \equiv 0) \right)[/tex] is valid, since 'mod2' = 0 (mod'even'=0, mod'odd'=1 right?).

    Am i correct with this information?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but it has not been answered in many days.

    As for,
    I am still open for suggestions.
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