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Philosophy of discoveries

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    Hello there

    I've been wondering about the philosophy of discoveries and I've came to the conclusion that discoveres can come from three ways

    1- an idea leads to an idea by deriving or deduction.
    2- Intended experiments
    3- Chance

    The painful thing is that many valueable discoveries were discovered by chance, I am thinking what if they have disappeared? is there a possibility that they will rediscovered? can they be rediscovered by deduction or intended experiments? It sounds to me that that's scientist chance could be the other's scientist intended experiment or deduction and the ideas are street routes, there are many ways to reach ideas, I am imagining that I have a country and importing knowledge to it isn't allowed due to imposed sanction on my country and the only solution to my country is to invade somewhere and force their scientists to teach my country illiterates :biggrin:

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    I agree with your conclusion.

    With regards to one person's conclusion being another's serendipity... I agree also. However, I believe what is discovered by accident is not necessarily something that can be deduced by knowledge at that moment in time. It very well may be, but I think certain premises are needed for this to be true. It is possible that none of the premises are known for a disocvery at the moment that it is discovered by accident. Chemistry is the main thing that comes to mind. This is a bit of a ramble but I don't think it's totally invalid.
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