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Philosophy of Mind forum?

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    I'd like to revisit the suggestion of opening up a Philosophy of Mind forum in the philosophy section. I currently count 6 threads in the philosophy section (mostly in metaphysics & epistemology) that would more properly belong in a philosophy of mind forum. As it stands, if such a section were instituted and the 6 threads were moved into it, it would have more threads than a whopping 13 other subforums on PF. I would expect it to continue to be a popular forum, given the controversial nature of discussions on consciousness and the like. Is this enough yet to warrant a philosophy of mind forum?
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    Thanks for the suggestion hypnagogue. We will keep it in mind. (pun intended) :smile:
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    Hypnagogue, you are right that many of the threads in the Metaphysics Forum are about philosophies of the mind, however I think it fits rather well in there (I'm not a fan of much further segregation ).
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