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Philosophy = Psychology?

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    Somehow I still believe psychology is just a part of philosophy, as one's psychology should be controlled by his or her philosophy... what do you think? :redface:
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    Or rather, one's philosophy is a byproduct of his psychology (psyche means soul in Greek).

    I don't see how one's psychology is controlled by their philosophy. Because without their psyche, they wuold not have a philosophy to begin with.
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    Well, a lot of psychology in the past has been almost entirely theoretical, which made it more philosophical than scientific (this is particularly true with the history of psychoanalysis), but psychologists have been gradually cleaning up their act, in particular in the last twenty years with all of the advances in made in other neuroscientific fields of relevance to psychology. This is especially true in the realm of cognitive psychology and, slowly but surely, is becoming the case with clinical psychology.
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    I am sure that you are a psychologist.
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    Jesus no, but my ex-wife is a psychologist, and my current girlfriend's mother is a psychologist. I'm a student, and not a psychology student, either.
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