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Phone died charging thru USB

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    Ok, so my phone died :( and my outlet charger is broken so I charge it thru the USB. Does my computer have to actually recognize my phone in order for it to start charging it?

    I've had it hooked for an hour now ... but it still hasn't turned on even for a second.
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    It may, yes. It probably depends on the phone.
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    If your phone has a Li-Poly battery do NOT plug it into any old place. The battery can explode and burn your house down. Not kidding, Li-Po batterys are not a joke.
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    yes this will work
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    Grr ... I think it does need to recognize it :( it's still dead.
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    It doesn't have to recognise it - but it does have to be able to charge through USB!
    Not all phones can even though they have a USB data link.
    Sometimes the charging / battery control circuits are in the charger rather than the phone. Another problem is that the USB->charger plug adaptors just put 5V into the phone with no control - I have ruined phones with these before.
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