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Photo contest themes.

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    I struggle sometimes to think up good themes for the contest that we haven't already had. If anyone has an idea for a contest theme they'd like to see, please put it forward here.

    We have already had:
    -Your City/Neighborhood
    -Things that go bump in the night
    -I love a man/woman in uniform
    -You animal!
    -Gone but not forgotten
    -Take me home, country road
    -Fire in the sky
    -When you wish upon a star
    -Summer Loven'
    -What's new pussycat?
    -A is for August
    -You're so cold, you're so cold!
    -Bridge over troubled water
    -I'm ready for my closeup
    -Labor of love
    -Planes, trains and automobiles
    -Falling for autumn
    -Water, water everywhere
    -Bad picture
    -Pretty in pink
    -Happy Thanksgiving
    -She blinded me with science
    -Old mcdonald had a farm
    -o' christmas tree
    -Happy holidays
    -We built this city
    -Happy new years
    -Let it snow
    -Now that's funny
    -Stright and narrow
    -Cry me a river
    -Turning over a new leaf
    -Will you be my valentine?
    -Happy chinese new year
    -It's all there in black and white
    -Aint no mountain high enough
    -Green with envy
    -People who need people
    -April fool
    -Aint no valley low enough
    -rubber eraser
    -toy pictures r' us
    -Life is a cabaret
    -Mother's day
    -Heavy metals
    -Me and my shadow
    -Rock the boat
    -Bad picture 2
    -Food and wine
    -top pf the world
    -happy happy happy, joy joy joy
    -I need some zzzz's
    -This is halloween
    -Six feet under
    -Eat and be merry
    -Animal instinct
    -Are you for real?
    -Walking in the winter wonderland
    -Holiday lights
    -Beginning to look a lot like christmas
    -Tropical paradise
    -Dancing with the stars
    -Moment of reflection
    -Don't go chasing waterfalls
    -My funny valentine
    -Still life
    -Water works
    -Dog day afternoon
    -Green acres
    -black and white
    -Sign language
    -Culture club
    -things are looking up
    -sight for sore eyes
    -take me out to a ball game
    -sick as a dog
    -two year anniversary
    -I kid you not
    -june is bustin out all over
    -Path of least resistance
    -Lets go shopping
    -peace and tranquility
    -I love fireworks
    -fun in the sun
    -what is that?
    -In a fowl mood
    -cloud 9
    -Bad picture 3
    -humpty dumpty
    -from dusk to dawn
    -with this ring, i thee wed
    -singing in the rain
    -tree of life
    -going round in circles
    -seeing red
    -life is a stage
    -well beaten path
    -are we having fun yet?
    -this is halloween
    -brought to you by the number 3
    -stand back, I'm going to try science!
    -Making music
    -It's almost christmas
    -New year, new photo
    -wide-open space
    -churches and the like
    -I'm on fire!
    -something old, something new

    ZapperZ retired where I marked the star. How he kept thinking up good themes that long is beyond me.

    Anyhow- let's hear your ideas :smile:
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    Why don't you try the BHRSVWMCHSMGF?

    Moments before the kill
    Great escape
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    Screw it :wink:
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    It's hip to be square!
    Fungus Among Us
    Haunted or Hunted
    Hands and Feet
    Smooth as Glass
  6. Mar 8, 2009 #5
    Things we want
    Hard as a rock
    Party time
    A card played
    Footprints in time
  7. Mar 8, 2009 #6
    Back light
    art is tic?
    what's in a name?
    Up up and away
    flower power
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    I actually have more that I haven't used. You are welcome to them. :)

    1. Electric Company
    2. Angel Eyes
    3. Pencil Pusher
    4. Last Man Standing
    5. Boogie Nights
    6. Well Aged
    7. Heads Up
    8. Duck, Duck, Goose
    9. Relight My Fire
    10. Get Boxed In
    11. A Day at the Races
    12. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
    13. Ship To Shore
    14. Tackle Box
    15. Magic Fingers
    16. Green, Green Grass of Home
    17. Prime Location
    18. Back To School
    19. It's Off to Work We Go (Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho)
    20. Hole in the Wall
    21. Obstacle Course
    22. Lend Me Your Ears
    24. 24
    25. Able To Leap Tall Buildings
    26. Let's Eat!
    27. Intense Competition
    28. Young At Heart
    29. History Repeating
    30. Afternoon Delight
    31. Sharp, Pointed Objects
    32. Shipping and Handling
    33. Fizzy Drinks
    34. Numerical Recipes
    35. Classical Dynamics
    36. Did You Lock The Door?
    37. Give Me Shelter
    38. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    39. Clutter
    40. Book 'Em, Daniel.

    I'm guessing that most of the theme are self-evident, but I can elaborate what the themes mean (assuming that I remember what I intended when I wrote them down a while back).

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    Shackleton, Cook, Columbus


    Stroke of genius

    Galileo's free fall

    Secret cache

    A place of our legacy

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    Perhaps everyone would prefer the break from work/study, but I think this being a physics etc. forum, that there is better knowledge of such things here for interpretation, whether literally or metaphorically, on topics that someone other than me would be better at naming, but along the lines of -
    light, gravity, entropy, energy, chemicals, atmosphere, numbers, equations... these sorts of things.
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    Something bad about to happen. (A pic of something that seems like it will inevitably lead to some sort of muck up in the very near future)
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    There is a wealth of good material in phrases from song titles, cliches, poems etc. Ex:

    A stitch in time
    Troubled waters
    For want of a nail
    I left my heart
    Sour grapes
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    Chi Meson

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    Children with siblings
    children with pets
    children with their parents
    children with trees in the background
    children standing on stone walls
    kids holding guinea pigs
    kids grabbing the dog's tail
    kids hiding in cardboard boxes
    birthday parties

    That's all I've got these days!
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    I've recently gotten a wealth of baby watching mallards eat pix!
  15. Mar 8, 2009 #14

    Chi Meson

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    Seriously now:

    Photos of photos
    races (as in competitions)
    extreme close ups (I think that's been done?)
    ancient ruins
    dilapidation (modern houses, buildings falling apart)
    rust belt factories
    stone walls
    tree bark (I'm serious)
    wicker (not serious)
    old shoes (old boots, running shoes)
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    Things that begin with the letter X
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    Hmmm, like:

    If I Had A Hammer
    Blowin' In The Wind
    Running On Empty / Born To Run
    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    On The Waterfront
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    Thanks guys. This should keep me going a while :smile:
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