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Photo-Tour of Chernobyl

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    Thought some might find this article interesting. It is a biker-chick's ride through the radioactive lands around the reactor.
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    Yes, I should have linked to this sweet and affecting photo essay myself. Note the subtext: It wasn't the radiation so much as the social and governmental reaction to it that produced the wasteland she shows us.
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    Eerie, eerie pictures - she really should write an article and publish it.
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    Hi All,

    Actually i submitted her site to Headline News (CNN) environmental section by email. Since recently the 3 mile island anniversary passed us here in the US. I would love to see a professional grade documentary based on "Chernoblyl" 20 plus years later. (perhaps even using material from this biker in Russia who's father is a Nuclear Physicist doing research in that region for the government)

    Recently i saw a national geographic special on "3 Mile Island". That reactor was 30 minutes away from the China Syndrome aka Meltdown. Meaning the nuclear core reaching 4k to 5k faherheit melting through it's concrete bunker due to lack of heavy water. Then the nuclear core going into the ground about a half a mile and causing a mini-earthquake spewing it's fall out into the air and region around it.

    Perhaps those of us interested in this, can submit that bikers link to news agencies asking them to cover her story or the story 20 yrs after now.
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