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Photo upload

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    Can anyone please tell me how to change a photo i have on my computer to a format that will upload to photobucket/forums, it needs to be a jpeg or gif????
    It is not a digital photo.
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    What kind of file is it?
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    If it is not a digital photo than that means you have to scan it in.

    If it is on the computer that means it is a digital photo and you should be able to open it and go File>Save As..., and then in the drop down menu select jpg or gif and click Save! At least that's how I do it on my Mac :smile: I don't see why that wouldn't work on PC
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    Open it in MS Paint, go to File>Save as... and there will be a drop down menu where you should be able to select jpeg or gif among other options.

    Edit- beaten to it!
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    nothing inappropriate.. right? :uhh:

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    Thanks guys, i am sure i will be computer savy befor 3000.
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