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Homework Help: Photoelectric Effect Problems

  1. Nov 17, 2013 #1
    Grade 12 physics help. Any help would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks

    1. A light source with a wavelength of 550 nm shines on photocells, each with a work function of 1.60 eV. What is the minimum number of photocells required to generate 5.25 ´ 10-19 J of energy?

    2. Light with a frequency of 8.00 ´ 1014 Hz is incident on a photosensitive metal, resulting in the emission of photoelectrons with a speed of 2.55 ´ 105 m/s. The work function of this photosensitive metal is _____ eV.

    3. Light with a wavelength of 350 nm is incident on a metal with a work function of 2.00 eV. The shortest de Broglie wavelength for the photoelectrons that are emitted
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    Please show your attempts to solve them. It's the way the forum works.
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