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Photoelectric effect

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    I wonder why the thread on Lamb's paper was locked? I was hoping to take part in the discussion.
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    I was also a bit surprised to see it locked, with no comment as to why. The locked thread is [thread=372653]Lamb and "The Photoelectric Effect Without Photons"[/thread].

    In fact, I had just sent a PM to bcrowell on this thread --- before it had been locked --- to say thanks, because I felt it was very useful. Now I'm worried. Was I wrong? Was bcrowell's thread misleading? Or was topic the problem.

    The paper has appeared in Polarization, Matière et Rayonnement, Volume in Honour of A. Kastler (Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1969) and the author has superb credentials. It has been cited in a couple of discussions, and so I would have though it was well worth having a critique of it.

    Cheers -- sylas
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    If there is no explanation forthcoming as to why the other thread was shut down I am inclined to continue the discussion here...
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    It takes time for a reasonable number of mentors to see the report that was filed about that thread, and discuss it. In the meantime, please don't try to bypass the lock by starting new threads.
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