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Photogeraphic memory

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    how is it like? :confused:
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    What is the phone number of the house where you grew up? Do you remember it? I remember mine, though it's been 35 years.

    I don't think photographic memory is really any different than the rest of us, they just don't have any trouble recalling things.

    But that's just MHO.
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    I don't think that people with photographic memory really exist. Rather, there are people who have more sophisticated memory techniques.

    To test this, you could, for example, generate a screen of characters (80x25=2000) which are all either 1 or 0, and see if anyone can reproduce it. As the numbers become less random i.e. more compressible, you should see people able to remember better.

    I remember the phone number of some of the houses that I grew up in. However, I don't remember any of my college telephone numbers.
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    We've already discussed this here. https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=147034

    I have a link to this paper in that thread.
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