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I Photon fission in black holes

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    Hello all,

    Is this a thing? I understand that a theory of quantum gravity is necessary to explain the physics at the core of a black hole, but it seems a black hole is the only environment energetic and dense enough to ignite a mass-energy feedback loop where colliding photons release the heavyweight W- and W+ bosons, which instantly annihilate and release their energy, thereby maintaining equilibrium minus Hawking radiation.

    Sorry if this falls into the "new idea/personal theories" category, I just haven't had much luck finding information of photon fission besides this LHC article: http://cms.web.cern.ch/news/lhc-photon-collider
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    Simon Bridge

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    The known laws of physics break down at the "core of a black hole" ... by which I'm guessing you mean the interior singularity.
    You have to do known physics outside the event horizon (r>M for a non-rotating, neutrally charged, black hole).

    You want to know if such an odd state could exist in some stage of a collapsing star? ... if a black hole forms before the critical conditions are met, then the answer is "probably not" - this is not a thing that happens in stars.
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    By core, I'm referring to the physical object inside the event horizon, whether that is a singularity or simply a dense orb of elementary particles, similar a gas star being a dense orb of atomic particles, and a neutron star being a dense orb of subatomic particles. Sorry I don't have a grasp on the mathematics yet, so I will start working on that. At this time, I'm mostly looking for a logical explanation to understand the mechanics inside a black hole. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Photon+Photon -> W+ W- is an allowed reaction everywhere if the center-of-mass energy is large enough. It is an incredibly rare process, however. This has nothing to do with black holes. Even inside, space locally looks like it does outside. And our current theories don't work at the singularity (if there is one) anyway.
    That does not make sense at all.
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    Thanks mfb, I added crackpot to this post's tag list. : )
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    Does Quantum Mechanics allow black holes to consist of a mass of subatomic particles instead of a singularity? Was this ever an acceped or proposed theory?
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    Certainly not with the particles we know.
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