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Photon free space

  1. Mar 9, 2015 #1
    Is it possible to create a space void of photons? Or rather free from photon interference? I know single photon emitters have been made to test the behaviour of photons. However it would appear that space...well everything is jam packed with photons in various forms, and therefore "observing" a single photon seems impossible as its not as easy as turning out the lights. Even darkness is light and space is not the darkness our eyes feebly percieve. I ask this because it would then seem necessary to account for photons as a group or whole regarding motion and behaviour rather than an individual wave particle.
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    I'd start with reaching 0 Kelvin. Then we might get close using a hollow metallic sphere or a bose einstein condensate, but I think the particle guys will tell you virtual photons are spontaneously created anywhere.
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