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Photon interacting with 1D-boundary

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    Good evening fellas,

    I'm in a bit of a conundrum: lately I've been considering a 2D array of atoms and the interactions that may arise when studied with photon beams. Up until now, I was using 3D systems and Dark Field Imaging, but when I switched to 2D, I got some unexpected intensity at the boundary of the system which I've been considering 1D for the sake of the argument. It's important to point out that the system studied has parabolic electronic bands and not quadratic, they both touch at the Fermi Energy. I've been trying to use this fact but I'm not sure as to how to attack the problem, I'm sure both things are related.

    I've thought about considering this peak as a resonance of some sort, some kind of edge effect, and try to explain it using Feynmann diagrams or even Fermi's Golden Rule, but I haven't been lucky so far.

    If someone has any idea as to how to approach this, I'll be very grateful
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