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Photon-Photon interactions

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    When two high energy photons collide with each other, what determines whether a pair production results or whether a photon-photon scattering results? I hope my question makes sense.
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    It is random (and most of the time, nothing happens), as all collisions in particle physics.
    Pair production requires at least 1 MeV center of mass energy, of course.
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    So a collision that can result in pair production can just as well result in scaterring, with no reason why one occurs and not the other?
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    That's what the man said.
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    Just checking. I thought there was more to it than that.
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    This is not to say that they're equally probable though.

    In particular, the diagram involving pair production is at tree level whereas the interaction term is one loop.
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    you can just use the mandelstam variable S(there are three) which represents total energy to decide which one has more possibility over other.for scattering in which S<< 4ml2,the cross section σ=α4S3/ml8,for box graph.and for
    S>> 4ml2
    for single pair production,
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