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Homework Help: Photon Problem

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    Photon Problem!!!

    plz help me in solving this numerical!!

    a Carbondioxide laser used in surgery gives out 10.6micro meters of infrared radiation. in 1.00ms it raises the temperature of 1 cubic centimeter of flesh to 100C and evaporate it. Assume that the flesh has the same heat of vaporization as water.

    a) how many photons are required?
    b) what is the power outpur of the pulse of energy?

    plz help me as soon as possible as i really want to understand this chapter.

    Thanks in advance!
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    E = nhf

    E is energy
    n is number of photons
    h is planck's constant
    f is frequency

    the energy delivered by the infrared radiation (the equation is the above one) will equal the energy required to vaporize the flesh, which you can determine yourself, right?
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    google says:
    (2.99800 * (10^8)) / (10.68*(10^-6)) = 2.83 × 10^13.
    you might recognise lightspeed somewhere in this equation just like you might just find the wavelength of the light from the laser...
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