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Photon - Proton collison ?

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    say we have a slab of glass and an incoming photon , and it hits a proton in the slab of glass , will it get absorbed and re-emitted or will it oscillate the proton , what will happen ,
    Any input will be much appreciated
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    I suggest looking at "QED" by Richard Feynman for a comprehensive view of photon matter interactions. Except for extremely high energy gamma rays, photons do not interact with individual protons.
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    Below 1 or 2 MeV, The photons interact only with the electrons in the glass. The cross section for interaction with the protons is about 3.3 million times smaller than the interactions with the electrons. Please review this article from the Review of Particle Properties from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab on the passage of particles (including photons) through matter.


    See in particular pages 22 to 28 and Figure 27.14, which shows the interaction of photons with the electrons in the glass. Above ~ 2 MeV, the photons begin to produce electron positron pairs by scattering off the protons.

    Bob S
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    thanks for the responses
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