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Homework Help: Photon Question-Energy Quantization Question-please help!

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    Photon Question-Energy Quantization Question---please help!

    This is a somewhat simple question I'm just unsure what relations to use. I found an equation relating number of protons to power and frequency but i'm not sure how to apply it to this case.


    Power = energy per unit time
    = (energy per photon) * (photon per unit time)
    = (h*f) * (photons per unit time)

    Power = wattage
    h = Planck's constant
    f = frequency.

    A certain laser outputs pure red light (photon energy 1.8 eV) with power 550 milliwatts (0.55 watts). How many photons per second does this laser emit?

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    Doc Al

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    Looks like you have the correct relations. Just be sure to convert everything to standard units: eV to Joules, mW to Watts.
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