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Photon structure - light decyphering

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    [SOLVED] Photon structure - light decyphering

    I am interested in, and would apreciate very much, if someone could further me updated information or any information at all on BASIC STRUCTURE OF PHOTON and/or BEHAVIOUR OF PHOTON. Obtained information is intended towards interstellar light decyphering.

    Million thanks,
    Victor J. Kairé S.
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    Photons are considered fundamental, i.e. they have no structure. In carrying out experiments, they can exhibit particle (e.g. photoelectric effect) or wave (e.g. diffraction) behavior.

    What are you looking for (interstellar light deciphering???)?
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    I don't really understand how light can both be made up of photons and be a wave.
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    The usual model is to think of the photon as a "wave packet", a little pulse of waves carrying the information.
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    Photon structure


    Thank you for your reply.
    Yes, have any ideas on the subject?
    Seti has its program for the same purpuse.
    I propose that a coherent message could be "hidden", encoded in the photon and its behaviour change when directed through crystals or diferent elements. If interested, and have the time to do so, I would gladly here any suggestions, or further comments, be that they are positive or negative ones.

    Sincerely yours,
    Victor J. Kairé S.

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    Photon structure

    I guess it is all a question of perception. If it moves it behaves as a wave, if you stop it, it behaves as a particle.
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    Photon structure

    Does this mean it is imposible to individually record the passage of photon by photon?
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    Re: Photon structure

    There are photon counters. They depend on separate production of photons. Since photons are bosons, and hence indistinguishable, you can't separate out individual photons in a beam of light. You have to specially produce them one at a time.
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    Re: Re: Photon structure

    Does this mean, that one can not count photon by photon if they have not been produced by one self? That is, if an incoming beam of interstellar light hits the measuring apparatus, one can not recieve or register photon by photon individually, unless the interstellar light was originally set out photon by photon?

    Thank you for your time and concern.

    Victor J. Kairé S.
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