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Photon transmitter

  1. Apr 5, 2015 #1
    If instead of sending electromagnetic wave in transmitting antenna by shuttling electrons.. what would happen if we emit photons from photon emitters like in double slit.. would receiving antenna that receive wave receive the photons?
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    Can you rephrase your question. I don't understand what you are asking.
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    photon is excitation of the electromagnetic wave. what if you send photon one at a time.. would the receiver receive photon or electromagnetic wave?
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    No, there is no electromagnetic wave without photons. You seem to think that they are two different things. They are not.
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    When electromagnetic radiation delivers energy to some material (a receiving antenna detects a signal, a surface is illuminated by light, human skin is sunburned, x-rays form an image on photographic film, ...) we find that the energy is always delivered in discrete amounts at single points. We call these individual deliveries "photons".

    Thus, the receiving antenna is always "receiving photons". The only question is whether our measurements are sensitive enough to pick out the individual photons, or just to detect the total amount of energy being delivered by a large number arriving at about the same time.
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    In transmitting antenna. Photons are transmitted.. and they travel as electromagnetic wave.. and receive as photons.. so particles are only for detections.. right? but in QFT.. particles don't seem to be part of the detection process.. but fields
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    You're misinterpreting things. A photon is electromagnetic radiation itself. EM waves, like all waves, carry energy from one place to another. The energy is always transferred by EM waves in small packets, called photons. You can say that they are the fundamental constituent of light. You don't need a "transmitter" substance for light.
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