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Photon ?

  1. Mar 13, 2010 #1
    This is probably a dumb question , but is it possible to turn all of the universe into photons and gravitons . would conservation of charge still hold , and if not could we turn a lot of the universe into photons .
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    Conservation of charge is probably not a problem, since the universe is essentially neutral. However there is no obvious mechanism to convert all matter into energy. The only known reaction leading to all energy is matter-antimatter, and there doesn't seem to be enough antimatter around to do it.
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    would nuclear reactions convert some into light ,
    how do they make anit-matter at fermi lab , they collide protons and get antimatter
    out , could we make antimatter , getting the energy from nuclear reactors or something . is it possible to have the universe half matter and half anti-matter .
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